Call for Application: CAF Recruitment 2024

Call for Application: CAF Recruitment 2024

CAF Recruitment 2024

CAF, the Confederation of African Football, has been a pivotal force in shaping the landscape of football on the African continent since its establishment in 1957. With an illustrious history, it has grown to become the governing authority for African football, overseeing a vast network of 54 Member Associations. The foundation members, including Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and South Africa, laid the groundwork for what has become an influential and dynamic organization.

In the year 2024, CAF is inviting interested applicants to apply for various job positions that span across different facets of football management and administration.

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Among the positions available are the Brand Operations Manager, who will play a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the brand image of CAF. This individual will have the responsibility of overseeing and implementing brand strategies to elevate CAF’s presence in the football world. The Senior Manager position entails a leadership role that requires a seasoned professional capable of navigating the complexities of football administration.

For those inclined towards creating positive experiences, the Guest Relations Team Lead position beckons. This role is pivotal in ensuring that stakeholders, guests, and partners have a seamless and memorable interaction with CAF events and initiatives. It requires strong interpersonal skills and an acute understanding of hospitality within a sports context.

Research Coordinators are sought for various regional bodies, including CECAFA, COSAFA, UNAF, UNIFFAC, WAFU A, and WAFU B. These coordinators will be at the forefront of gathering and analyzing data, providing valuable insights to enhance football development in their respective regions. Their work will contribute to the overall growth and competitiveness of African football.

In the realm of competitions management, CAF is seeking a Competitions Manager for WAFU B. This role involves overseeing the planning, organization, and execution of competitions within the West African Football Union Zone B. Similarly, other positions such as Executive Director, Finance Manager, Football Development Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, Women’s Football Development Manager, and Competitions Strategy & Planning Officer are specifically targeted for WAFU B, reflecting the commitment to regional development.

Inter-clubs Manager and Inter-clubs Officer positions are designed for individuals who can navigate the intricacies of managing competitions between football clubs. These roles are pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of continental club competitions, contributing to the vibrancy and competitiveness of African club football.

African football’s future lies in its grassroots, and recognizing this, CAF is seeking an African Schools Program Manager. This role is dedicated to fostering football at the school level, creating a foundation for young talents to emerge and thrive. It underscores CAF’s commitment to holistic development that begins at the grassroots level.

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To facilitate communication and engagement, CAF encourages applicants to stay connected through various platforms. Joining the WhatsApp and Telegram groups provides real-time updates and a sense of community among football enthusiasts and professionals. Additionally, CAF maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Following these channels ensures that interested individuals are well-informed about the latest news, events, and opportunities within the realm of African football.

The application process is streamlined, and prospective candidates are encouraged to apply through the provided link. This marks the beginning of a journey for passionate individuals who wish to contribute to the growth and development of African football. The opportunities offered by CAF are not just job positions; they represent a chance to be part of a transformative force that shapes the future of football on the continent.

CAF is inviting interested applicants to apply for the following job positions:

  • Brand Operations Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Guest Relations Team Lead
  • Research Coordinator (CECAFA)
  • Research Coordinator (COSAFA)
  • Research Coordinator (UNAF
  • Research Coordinator (UNIFFAC)
  • Research Coordinator (WAFU A)
  • Research Coordinator (WAFU B)
  • Competitions manager (WAFU B)

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  • Executive director (WAFU B)
  • Finance manager (WAFU B)
  • Football development manager (WAFU B)
  • Marketing and communications manager (WAFU B)
  • Women’s football development manager (WAFU B)
  • Competitions Strategy & Planning Officer.
  • Inter-clubs Manager.
  • Inter-clubs Officer.
  • National Teams Officer.
  • Women’s Competitions Officer
  • Youth Competitions Officer.
  • African Schools Program Manager

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