Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists 2024 (Fully Funded to cover deliberations of the United Nations General Assembly)

Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists 2024 (Fully Funded to cover deliberations of the United Nations General Assembly)

The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists invites applications from journalists in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Oceania to cover the United Nations General Assembly for 10-12 weeks starting in September. Applicants must have a strong interest in international affairs and the work of the United Nations (UN) and its member agencies. Both full-time and freelance journalists are welcome to apply.

Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists Eligibility Criteria

  • Career journalists, age 25-35, from nations of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Oceania are eligible to apply.  Freelance journalists are also eligible (see Freelance Requirements below).
  • Applicant journalists must have a current passport which will be required to apply for and obtain a I-1 journalist visa from a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in order to accept the Fellowship.
  • Work samples no earlier than 2023 must be provided.  (See Work Samples on Application Form)
  • Applicants must be employed by bona fide media organizations such as print, television, radio or web journalists.
  • Speaking English with proficiency is required since it is one of the primary languages used at the United Nations.
  • Journalists younger than 25 and older than 35 are not eligible to apply since the program is intended for mid-career journalists.
  • Students of journalism are not eligible to apply.
  • Journalists residing in European countries are not eligible to apply unless they are still reporting to audiences in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Oceania.
  • Freelance journalists who satisfy all other requirements are eligible to apply.  In addition to providing work samples, a summary statement, passport copy and references from colleagues or former supervisors, freelance journalists must provide letters from at least three (3) publications stating that they will accept the reports filed from the United Nations.

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Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists Benefits

  1. Journalists selected for the program will deepen their understanding of the work of the U.N. through first-hand observation of working sessions, press conferences, and interviews, thus enabling in-depth reporting on issues relevant to their audiences.  They will interact with media colleagues from around the world and learn about the challenges which journalism faces in other countries.
  2. The Fund will arrange and pay for all travel expenses for the Fellowship Recipients. Travel arrangements cannot be made until you have obtained a valid journalist I-1 Visa.
  3. The Fund will provide Fellowship recipients with furnished studio apartments near the United Nations.
  4. The Fund assumes that you will continue to be paid as an employee of your media organization. However, to allow for increased personal expenses, a modest daily stipend will be paid to each journalist.
  5. The Fund will carry basic health/medical insurance for each journalist in the event of illness or accident.  Dental insurance is not included.
  6. Fund board members and other U.N. journalists are available to guide the Hammarskjöld Fellows in accessing the resources needed to prepare their reports.  As schedules permit, arrangements will be made for the Fellows to visit with New York area media organizations, as well as institutions working to encourage and protect the journalism profession.
  7. The 2024 Fellowship will run concurrently with the opening months of the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA).  The 79th UNGA will open on September 10th with high–level General Debates starting on September 24th.  Fellowship recipients will arrive in New York approximately 10 days prior to the UNGA in order to obtain UN Press passes, acclimate to the U.N. Secretariat and the city, and complete other administrative tasks.

Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists Application

1. A completed online Application Form.

2. A minimum of three (3) work samples published no earlier than 2023. If the samples are not in English, a summary of the samples in English must be included.  If applicant reports are available on the Internet, the URL addresses should be included. If work samples are not available on the internet, copies should be uploaded to the Application Form (in Word, PDF, MP3 or JPEG formats). If not available on a media website, work samples may be uploaded to a publicly accessible online service, such as YouTube.

3. Letter of endorsement from the editor or director of the news organization that presently employs the journalist which: a) grants journalist a paid leave of absence from his/her current duties if awarded a fellowship; b) agrees to publish or broadcast the reports filed by the journalist from the U.N.; and c) provides contact information (email, phone, etc.) for verification purposes. By endorsing the application, the editor pledges to pay for all transmission charges and to publish or broadcast submitted reports.

4. A statement (not more than 500 words) expressing a desire for the Fellowship how the experience will benefit the applicant’s understanding of international diplomacy and issues deliberated at the United Nations.

5. A copy of applicant’s current passport. Applicants without a current passport will not be considered.

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