Call for Applications: NTEEP 4.0 Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project

Call for Applications: NTEEP 4.0 Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project

The fourth edition of the much-anticipated NTEEP will provide a golden opportunity for another 500 enterprises to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs will be able to network with seasoned businessmen and women who can provide valuable advice and insights. The program is still committed to fostering a collaborative environment that fosters entrepreneurship.
The NTEEP, which will be launched in 2020, will be a source of empowerment for African businesses.

Through its comprehensive curriculum, it has effectively taught and empowered over 600 businesses across the continent. The program’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools, skills, and a supporting network that will allow them to scale their businesses in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Access to Intensive Entrepreneurship Training

Participants undergo a month-long intensive training program facilitated by industry experts. The
training covers crucial aspects of entrepreneurship, guiding startups through the intricacies of business development, strategy, and management.

Access to digital marketing training

In recognition of the digital era, NTEEP places a strong emphasis on digital marketing. Participants receive
training from experts in the field, arming them with the knowledge to leverage digital platforms effectively for business growth.

Access to Digital Tools

Recognizing the importance of technology in business, NTEEP provides startups with access to cutting-edge
technological tools. This ensures that they are equipped with the resources needed to navigate and thrive in the digital age.

Get a Sponsored BusinessWebsite

NTEEP takes a hands-on approach by sponsoring websites for participating startups at no cost to them. This
empowers startups to establish and strengthen their online presence, a critical factor in today’s business landscape.

Access to long-term mentoring

The program matches participants with experienced mentors in their industry. Mentors provide guidance and support to help startups overcome challenges and achieve key milestones. Mentorship is a pivotal component, allowing entrepreneurs to tap into a wealth of knowledge from those who have walked the path before them.

Eligibility criteria

In order to qualify for this funding, one or more of the following criteria have to be met:

  • Your business must be operating in Africa.
  • The startup is in the idea stage or early stage.
  • Can demonstrate the potential for future scale.
  • An African living abroad.
  • International startup focusing on African women, youths, or children.


Stage 1

Startups are invited to join by completing the application form.

Stage 2

The online session schedule will be announced.

Regular updates on NTEEP-2024 events, training, and opportunities will be shared with the community on

Stage 3

The finalists for sponsored websites will be announced at the end of the training.

The NTEEP team will connect with you directly to learn more about your business needs and complete

Deadline: March 14, 2024

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