Call for Applications: The ygap Kenya Accelerator Program 2024 For startups and Entrepreneurs

Call for Applications: The ygap Kenya Accelerator Program 2024 For startups and Entrepreneurs
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The ygap Kenya Accelerator Program assists businesses in refining and validating their business model, moving toward financial sustainability, and expanding their impact in their community. Ventures that finish the ygap Kenya Accelerator Program strengthen their potential to raise income, create job opportunities, gain more funding, and make a genuine difference in the areas in which they operate.

ygap thinks that business can be a tremendous force for positive change in the world. As a result, their Accelerator Program is intended to assist locally-led, early-stage enterprises focused on making a good effect on their communities.

The ygap Accelerator Program helps these impact ventures to refine and validate their business model, move towards financial sustainability, and build on their ability to create change in their communities. Participants of this program will expand their network by joining a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, and will receive technical support and advice from our team of local experts that is tailored to the specific needs of their venture. We are committed to supporting the growth of locally-led impact ventures who have shown the drive, talent and conviction to create change in their own communities.

ygap Kenya Accelerator Program Details

  • The ventures selected begin by attending a capacity building bootcamp where their business models are strengthened, they meet cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, and they are equipped with the tools they need to grow.
  • After the bootcamp and after conducting a needs-assessment, our team of local experts provide ongoing accountability and business development sessions, strategic and operations coaching, masterclasses and webinars, access to financial support, on-site business development sessions, and brokered linkages to mentors, customers, advisors, and other players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ygap Kenya Accelerator Program Requirements

  • Ventures that have already launched and are currently operational. In most cases, participating ventures must be formally registered and proof of this status will be required (unless this is not applicable to where your business runs).
  • Ventures that are post-revenue and able to provide evidence of commercial transactions.
  • Ventures that clearly recognise and desire the benefits and value of participating in the ygap program. ygap invests deeply in the ventures we support, and expect the same level of dedication and investment in participating in the ygap program.
  • Ventures that have a social or environmental focus. Through the operation of the business, ventures must be working toward  making their community, their city, or their country a better place.
  • Ventures that are “local” to the issue they’re solving, intimately connected to their community, passionate and committed, and it for the long-haul.

Ventures that have a unique element to their business. It could be a unique product or service offering, a unique production method, or a unique business model.

ygap Kenya Accelerator Program Benefits

Ventures chosen for the ygap Accelerator Program will graduate with:

  • A proven and validated Theory of Change
  • Proof of product-market fit with a clear value-proposition for key customer segments
  • A validated business model that verifies the desirability, the feasibility and the viability of the business
  • Detailed financial statements including income statements and cash flow statements
  • Proven growth traction demonstrated through data across key metrics
  • A reasonable and viable 12-month growth plan with a clear plan of action, quarterly milestones and projections

they expect that ventures who complete the ygap Accelerator Program to increase their revenue, create employment opportunities and secure further investment, thereby making a real difference in the communities they operate within.

Deadline: 3rd February 2024.

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