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The United Nations Development Coordination Office is looking for passionate data and policy interns

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United Nations Development Coordination Office

The United Nations Secretariat is seeking motivated interns to support the work of the UN Development Coordination Office (DCO). DCO is the secretariat to the UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) and manages the Resident Coordinator (RC) system. Resident Coordinators (RCs) are the highest-ranking representatives of the United Nations development system (UNDS) at the country level and are the designated representative of – and report to – the UN Secretary-General.

VRCs have the responsibility to lead United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs), ensure system-wide accountability on the ground for the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (Cooperation Framework), and coordinate UN support to countries in their implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

DCO interns may be selected for assignments within a section of the Policy and Programming Branch of DCO, including (1) Policy; (2) Inter-agency Programme Facilitation, (3) Strategic Partnerships, (4) Universal Values Team (human rights, gender equality, youth, disability inclusion) and (5) the Cross-Pillar Team (peace, humanitarian, development), or within Office of the Assistant Secretary-General (Front Office), Regional Office, Communications and Results Reporting Branch, RC system Leadership Branch, and Business Management Branch. Interns typically work full-time, five days per week (40 hours), and report to full-time professional staff in our teams, and focus on one of the two tracks set out below under Responsibilities.

DCO Internships are typically for a between five and six months NB: Candidates available for five to six months full time are typically prioritized by hiring managers. In their motivation statement, interested candidates should indicate their exact availability, i.e. the period (DDMMYY – DDMMYY) within which your start and end date must fall (e.g. “I currently expect to be available for a 5 or 6 month period between March 2024 – February 2025”).

Internships can be in-person, fully remote, or in person for a limited period in combination with remote work, and can therefore take place from any timezone. Successful applicants may include management from regional offices depending on candidate location. All modalities provide for a safe, professional, inclusive and respectful environment for the colleagues we work with.

The DCO internship programmes runs on a 12-month planning horizon, meaning the internship may begin no sooner than 2-months from your application and may start within 12-months of the application. Typically, two larger cohorts of interns are onboarded to work in the following periods

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• March – September

• September – March

In the motivation statement, candidate should indicate the track they are interested in: • Track 1: STRATEGIC PLANNING, DATA & ANALYTICS • Track 2: POLICY ANALYSIS & PROGRAMME FACILITATION




•Help collate guidance materials on knowledge capture and sharing

•Assist collection and sharing of emerging good practice and lessons for DCO and UNSDG members

•Help facilitate various online communities of practice

•Support the preparation of senior-level management meetings (including UNSDG and other inter-agency meetings), conferences and retreats

•Support the preparation of country-level meetings organized from the global level

•Support the preparation of slide decks, background and option papers for meetings

•Support the tracking and analysis of UNSDG decisions and their implementation

•Help ensure consistent visual concepts and language are used

•Assist in the preparation of speeches and talking points


Applicants to the United Nations internship programme must at the time of application meet one of the following requirements:

(a) Be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher) in information management, document management, digital archiving or a related field of study;

(b) Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent) in information management, document management, digital archiving or a related field of study;

Applicants must demonstrate their intention to study further or to work in a field relevant to this internship description. Applicants are expected to have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel applications.

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